Sunday, 29 December 2013

Making Money Online Now Through Ebay!

Do you know that people will do almost anything if the price is right? It is because even though money cannot give you happiness, it can definitely do alot.

Do you need money? or are looking for a way to better your life and the lives of your loved ones? Do you see some of your friends living big and you're probably wondering what they did to achieve that even though you might not know how they made their money?

Think of all of the problems you are facing right now, could money solve these problems?

Could 5,000 or 10,000 dollars make your dreams a reality, could that kind of money give you the life you have always wanted?

Then this article is for you, anyway for you to be right here and reading this post you must be a lover of good life isn't it ? and wants to make money. I sure promise to help you acheive that. That has been my pledge to all of you my friends since the commencement of this site!

For most of us money is the answer to all of our problems just like the saying goes "money answereth all things", Well not all things in it's sense but almost all things!

And that is why most people would do anything if they were offered the chance to become a's the chance of a life time.

Most people you see around today working "tooth and nail" from morning till evening can't even boost of earning $5000 a month after all their labour. No appreciation, incentive, increase in salary and in the end they might get the boot. So what's the joy in such a work if not frustration!

The painful thing that people will do for money is waste their life "sitting duck" on one job that aside from not paying well will also not appreciate their effort.

I don't know whether you've worked with some all demanding and annoying boss like that, that will tell you to work all day and pay less.

Folks, what would you prefer? working for one annoying boss and earning less or working for yourself and making more money. What would you do for a couple of more thousand dollars a week or a month? Money! money! money!

How can you make this money we are talking about here? How can you sack your boss and how can you stop seeing his/her annoying face again? Guess!

To be continued...Stay Glued!

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!

How to make money online selling domain names

Do you know that you could make money online selling domain names and be financially free? I sure bet you don't! Well, we'll be looking into that in a moment. However, there are some factors that you need to take into consideration.

Firstly, you should be able to speculate what names would sell more and yield high demand. Let us look at all the tips one should put into consideration when selling domain names.

Picking the Best Selling domain names

A less complicated domain name is much more preferable than a complex domain name. It is easier to type and recollect for people. Because of this, less complicated domain names are very useful for advertising through word of mouth.

When you have a domain name, try working out the modalities of the search engine optimization {Seo}. This tremenduosly increases the value of the domain name. It can be attained by good advertising and following the other techniques of search engine optimization. Any business that buys it will experience a good ranking, therefore, getting more visitors to their website with the domain name.

Selling The Domain Names

Now that you have a good domain name that should fetch you good money, how do you now sell it? Very simple! Try the various message boards, blogs and auction websites and post the domain name and indicate the price you are selling it for! This normally get lots of people and businesses contacting you back provided your domain name is good enough.

The best thing to do is to hold back for a while and wait before actually selling off the domain name. In the mean time you can do a research on the price of similar domain names and how well they are selling! When you discover that the prices being offered are good bargain!, then advertise the domain name and sell it off at the best price obtained. In this way you can make quick cool cash by selling domain names. Even when you have the domain name parked and are waiting for a good bargain, you can use it to generate money in several ways. Affiliate marketing, pay-per-click programs, etc are a few of the ways you can go about it.

Selling domain names is a great way making money online requiring very little effort from you. If you are a little careful and go for this business intelligently, you could make a lot of money and live your dreams.

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!

My Guest Posting Experience

I don't even know what's wrong with me. What do you think is wrong with a guy whose site is probably the most promising and fastest growing site online?

I have tried several times to guest post on various site but to no avail. I have tried 2createawebsite, problogger, youngprepro, and the rest they all turned me down.

Infact, I think I should receive an award for having the most turned down guest post in recent times. This is really frustrating for me that I just can't get things right.

What's the reason for turning me down? Well, they complain that my post is too generic, common and found on most blogs. What the heck! I wrote this post with my very own hands and they are purely my idea, so I don't understand what they all mean by being generic!

Although my site is receiving trickles of traffic from search engines and other areas but that isn't what I want, I want something concrete like receiving 1000 visitors a day will be my type of traffic. That's a good start for any ambitious blogger who wants to make a living online!

Sometimes I feel more like a failure already especially for an experienced blogger like me who have been in this game for nothing close to 4 years. When I see young fellow blogger who just came in "yesterday" and all of a sudden have their post get approved in various sites I feel even more disappointed.

When you consider the other methods of pulling in traffic, you'll discover that it's takes longer time. Be it seo, article submission, social bookmarking, etc. They all take time to achieve results.

If you need quick traffic, guest post is a sure way of getting such targetted traffic in a short time. once you are approved and your post is well received by the "populace" on a high traffic site. Bam! Floods of traffic to your site.

Especially for the era that we are in. The era of guest post because everybody is getting crazy about guest post these days even the new blogger are hoping to guest post in order to promote their lactating blogs.

Judging from the influx of bloggers towards these direction, it's more like all road now leads to "guest posting".

All the other known methods of getting traffic is a close chapter for now but I believe very soon guest post will go out of trend. My instinct tells me that!

But I don't want to imagine that for now anyway, What I want is to take full advantage of this moment while it is still the in-thing. Especially when it has to do with getting traffic!

This article is a voice for several thousands of bloggers out there, both young or old, male or female who have tried to venture into guest posting but have failed to actually make a breakthrough!

Guest Post; An Evolving Traffic Mania!

What is a guest post I might ask? A guest post is an article written and submitted to some sites as a guest/visitor in order to get free traffic. So in a nut shell it means "a guest submitting a post" period! and you are the guest here.

In recent times guest post has evolved "out of the blues" and has become a strong force for pulling massive traffic into one's site. Sometimes the traffic it pulls can even be more serious than the other known methods.

Another advantage guest post might have over the other known traditional methods is that it have the opportunity of pulling targeted traffic to your site. How you may ask? because you control the traffic coming in by choosing the site in your niche area to submit guest post.

These will give you the targeted traffic you need unlike the other known methods where you just submit to different types of sites in different niches which really might not give you the kind of targeted traffic you require.

So, inorder words you get to submit a guest post to site in your niche. For instance, if you're into money making like mine I would want to look for money making websites that offer an avenue for guest post to submit to. Understood!

It is best to submit guest post to top internet sites who has generated credibility over the years!

Many people are now getting to know guest post by the day and this is about the right time for you to tab in these traffic generating opportunity before it gets saturated.

Many guys that use this system effectively has successfully driven loads of traffic and made cool money from their website on a daily basis.

For you to guest post you must read the site submission guidelines{these are the rules and regulations for submitting a guest post} before anything else or your article might end up getting disqualified that means it won't be featured in their site.

Secondly, You must be willing and ready to write at least a 250 words longs article or more depending on what the site stipulates anyway!

Guest post can be very effective in terms of traffic generation especially when you do it for various sites that offers it.

To get the best out of guest post, it's better you submit as many as possible guest post to different site owners because some site may be meticulous in the choice of article they want and eventually may not approve you.

It will do you good to submit as many articles to as many sites possible so that even though some does not approve you in the end you'll still have some who would value your write up and approve it.

They don't have to approve all your articles because just one high traffic website can be enough for driving loads of traffic to your site. Keep that in mind!

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!

Making Cool Money Flipping Website 2

From our assessment in the previous edition, now let's review those questions people are likely to ask before purchasing a site from you.

You have created a site, listed it for auctions in one of the auction sites and prospective buyers have seen it but in their mind they will be asking some critical questions. Those questions are what will determine their purchasing instinct!

The best thing to do at this point in time is to help them answer those unavoidable questions.

They will probably be asking questions like;

1. Does your site have unique/fresh content?

2. Are you making money from the site?

3. Is the site receiving traffic?

4. Does it have pagerank?

1. Does your site have unique content; Make sure the site you are offering up for purchase has reasonable unique content in it, this is what your intending buyer wants to see.

2. Are you making money from the site; Make sure you have been making money regularly from the site before offering it up for sale or else people won't buy.

3. Is the site receiving traffic; This is very vital to the sale of your site as this gives credibility that your site is not just one dormant site that sits there in cyberspace with no visitors.

This is also a clear indication to the buyer that you are making money from the site already provided you are promoting something on it like affiliate program, adsense, Cpa, etc...

4. Does it have pagerank; This is rather not as important as the other three but is still an added advantage if your site already has pagerank, this indicate that your site has probably been indexed by Google and is receiving organic traffic one way or another!

A good site that is worth buying must be able to answer all the above questions.

All these questions come to bare when purchasing a good site online, you as a site flipper must know this and be able to put this in place.

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!

Making cool money flipping website!

First things first! Let's know the meaning of site flipping?

Site flipping is simply when you're selling an established website for profit when I say establish I don't mean a site that is 8years old or above, or that's making thousands of dollars a month.

No! Just a few months old site can fetch you money. Although, there are many other factors to be considered but this can be a cool way of making money.

For those that are smart enough, site flipping can be a serious way of making money entirely quiting their day job. Most people going into this area of bussiness have gradually left their day to day job and embraced it full time because the money is coming in. I mean serious money!

Can you imagine earning as much as between $2000-$4000 just selling one single site? You can imagine if you have up to 10 sites and each one's worth is let's say for purpose of illustration $2000, doing the maths 10 sites multiplies $2000 gives $20000. Did i hear you say wow!

This means that if you can be creating 10 of such websites in a month {30days} with each one costing $2000, at the end of the month you are sure of making $20000. Somebody will ask me that "can I possibly make such an amount of money working so hard from 6am-6pm a day?" The answer lies within your thought. What do you think?

The beauty of site flipping is that you don't have to do any hard work like creating the site, seo, etc... you could outsource it to website designers who will do all the work for you at a very modest price as there are so many freelance sites that offer the service.

You could even create mass number of sites and sell it all at once. Your choice!

However, there are some important questions people will be asking before buying a site from you!

Those questions are;

Does your site have enough unique content?
Are you making money from it already?
Is your site receiving reasonable traffic?
Does it have pagerank? {a plus}

So, folks you see that there can be serious money made through site flipping!

Watch out for full details and how to make serious money flipping site in volume 2!

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!

Make Money Online With Facebook 3

Facebook is a big place and in my opinion is a large marketplace where the opportunities are endless!

Like I said before in the previous article that people on Facebook are not always in the buying mood and so would find it an insult if you sell anything to them.

You have to be careful on facebook not to hard sell, people hate it when you sell products to them on facebook. People don't like it when the essence of being their friend is to sell some items to them. It's annoying!

Why don't you create something like a membership programme, like a fan page or group where your friends join in. How do you do this?

Create a fan page on a specific niche where people get to join, you could create a fan page on "money making online"  that is how to make money online.

Your fan page will be exclusively for people who wants to make money online or who are looking for a way to make money online. It means people that have no business with money making wouldn't join such a program. It's a free will!

With this steps you've taken, I assure you are on the right path towards online success on Facebook because the people on your fan page are those who willingly join your fan page for the sole purpose of what you are promoting. You didn't force them!

This means that these categories of people have given you a go ahead to send email updates, newsletter, news, etc... and as such would not find it irritating if they should receive notifications from you.

This also means that it's okay if you notify them of upcoming books on sale or the product you're promoting once they compliment the essence of your fan page and the reason why they joined the program.

However, make sure the product you are selling or promoting on your fan page is what will add value to their life and will help them actualize their goals.

Have their welfare at heart, show them you care. This is very key! or else people will be dissapointed in what you have to offer and unsubscribe from your fan page.

If your fan members are the categories of people looking for ways of "making money online" make sure you assist them in achieving that aim.

It might be through giving them some friendly advice on how to make money online or selling some money making ebooks to them, etc... all these are aimed in improving their life financially. right!

Why don't you create a fan page or groups today on a specific niche and from there get people of same interest and passion to join in and start marketing to these set of people{not hard sell} and your success on Facebook would have just begone! I assure you!

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!