How I Ranked Number One In Major Search Engines In Less Than A Month!

You won't believe this! If I told you that in less than 3 days my blog was indexed by Google and other top search engine sites and in less than one{1} month my blog also made the top listing of Google, MSN and Yahoo for my main keywords which are; "make money online today for beginner" and "make money online today for beginners" respectively. Unbelievable! You might say but this is actually true! Read on!

As at the time of this writing, my blog currently ranks number one{1} in Yahoo and MSN for the targeted long-tail keyword "make money online today for beginner and "make money online today for beginners" while at Google my blog ranks number 3,4,5 respectively for the keyword "make money online today for beginner".

In this article, I will reveal to you the secret of my achievements. Well pay attention as am about to share with you my success story in the succeeding paragraphs.

Listen to this words of wisdom; Getting to the top is not a child's play, it's takes a lot of effort and sacrifice to attain success. However, there are some factors that would bring about these successes.

One major factor which has help fastrack the level of exposure of my blog is no other than Seo{search engine optimization}.

The truth is, Seo is actually the secret behind my success. It has helped launch me out into the online world in a short time, what could have taken other blogs to achieve in years I have achieved in just few days.

You'll agree with me that getting to the top of search engine listing especially Google isn't easy at all much less in just few days!

Thanks to books by Brad Callen and Jonathan Leger which taught me all the rudiments of Seo.

The truth is, to be a complete blogger or webmaster you'll actually need some basic training in Seo especially in the area of content update where you need to update your blog everytime.

You wouldn't want to outsource everytime you need fresh articles for your blog, would you? It saves you time and money looking for Seo experts to write your articles which might not really meet your taste!

Knowing Seo has greatly impacted on my subconscious mind, what I mean't is that I don't just write for my readers only but also for the search engines to understand my "language". I must be able to communicate with them in their language for me to be well received!

Don't get me wrong, am not advocating for webmasters that write bunch of codes for search engines which are entirely meaningless for humans.

No! No! No! I mean you should learn to write in such a way that your readers will enjoy your write-up and also search engines will thank you for a well optimized article! So, an article good for the "machines" and good for the humans is my kind of article.

This is the article that gets your blog to the top of search engine listings in such a short time! A search engine optimized article; good for the "readers" and good for the "spiders" as well!

One cool software which has also helped the overnight success of my blog is a popular and powerful wordpress plugin called the "All in one Seo".

Almost every wordpress site uses this awesome plugin because it's very powerful such that it'll help rank your site by allowing you to give it's title, description and keyword. To be sincere with you folks this plugin has really worked for me. Cool plugin isn't it?

Although many people has complained about the effectiveness of this plugin to me it's absolutely fine 'cos it has work well for me.

What about you? How long did it take for your blog to show up in the search engines listings? Share your story! I'd love to hear!

How to Make Money on Ebay 1

What is Ebay? Ebay is a power house in both digital and physical products. Ebay is an online marketplace for buying and selling used/new wares. At ebay goods can be sold at half a price.

Ebay is the 23rd largest website on the internet as at the time of this writing. I don't even know who is more popular between ebay and clickbank these days! but I think ebay is widely known for physical products while clickbank is known for digital products.

Anyway! How is that my business or your business as far as we can make money through either of them it doesn't matter which is bigger at all! Don't mind me am just kidding...

People make money online daily from ebay selling products, it can range from toys to electronics to jewelries, to clothes, etc...anything whatsoever you're looking for it's on ebay.

Making money through ebay has never been easy as you can sell anything from refurbish items to new ones. This means that if you have some used/old items that you're not using anymore at home it can fetch you cash on ebay.

For instance, if I have some old wrist watch that doesn't catch my fancy any longer or that is out of fashion and I want to dispose them, I can go to ebay and auction it for sale. Someone else might cherish it and buy from you!

The current american president in the name of Mr Barrack Obama before getting into office sold his old chrysller vehicle on ebay that is to show how popular ebay is that even powerful people use it as a means of buying and selling.

To start selling on ebay you need to first of all register with them after which you have the right to sell any items you want.You can sell anything ranging from physical to digital products on ebay that's why it's so powerful than clickbank.

As a seller you have two options of selling your goods on ebay, which are;

1. Auction type listing; This allows the seller to accept bids for the goods on sale at a certain price for a specified period of time.

Buyers then place bids on the goods for sale, at the end of the auction the buyer with the highest bid wins. Simple!

2. Buy it now; This allows the buyer to purchase the goods right away at a fixed price without bidding for it. It's more like a "pay as you go" syndrome.

So friends, watch out for the next part to see how you can make money selling goods on ebay. Till then, have a lovely weekend!

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!

How to Make Money on Ebay 2

Do you know that people will do almost anything if the price is right? It is because even though money cannot give you happiness, it can definitely do alot.

Do you need money? or are looking for a way to better your life and the lives of your loved ones? Do you see some of your friends living big and you're probably wondering what they did to achieve that even though you might not know how they made their money?

Think of all of the problems you are facing right now, could money solve these problems?

Could 5,000 or 10,000 dollars make your dreams a reality, could that kind of money give you the life you have always wanted?

Then this article is for you, anyway for you to be right here and reading this post you must be a lover of good life isn't it ? and wants to make money. I sure promise to help you acheive that. That has been my pledge to all of you my friends since the commencement of this site!

For most of us money is the answer to all of our problems just like the saying goes "money answereth all things", Well not all things in it's sense but almost all things!

And that is why most people would do anything if they were offered the chance to become a's the chance of a life time.

Most people you see around today working "tooth and nail" from morning till evening can't even boost of earning $5000 a month after all their labour. No appreciation, incentive, increase in salary and in the end they might get the boot. So what's the joy in such a work if not frustration!

The painful thing that people will do for money is waste their life "sitting duck" on one job that aside from not paying well will also not appreciate their effort.

I don't know whether you've worked with some all demanding and annoying boss like that, that will tell you to work all day and pay less.

Folks, what would you prefer? working for one annoying boss and earning less or working for yourself and making more money. What would you do for a couple of more thousand dollars a week or a month? Money! money! money!

How can you make this money we are talking about here? How can you sack your boss and how can you stop seeing his/her annoying face again? Guess!

To be continued...Stay Glued!

Remember this is a site that's genuinely designed to help beginners make money online!